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Lunch At The Workshop?

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud opens for lunch at The Workshop.

The Workshop is a beautiful air-conditioned space at the far end of the Mozaic garden overlooking Ubud’s iconic rice fields. This is the venue for Chef’s Table dinners and Mozaic’s prestigious cooking classes, with a sleek, state-of-the-art Miele kitchen and a comfortable, stylishly furnished dining room.

Mozaic is renowned for its innovative high cuisine, combining European techniques and fine imported ingredients with the flavors and fresh produce of the Indonesian archipelago. It is the first restaurant in Southeast Asia to be recognized by the prestigious ‘Les Grandes Tables Du Monde’ (The Grand Tables of the World).

Guests will have the choice of a 5-course menu at 600,000++ per person or a 7-course menu at 900,000++ per person. Dishes that might be offered are Butter Roasted Javanese Pigeon with Toasted Spices, Baby Spinach, Fresh Nutmeg Pericarp, Pure?e and Gele?e; and Tabanan Regency Chocolate Fondant with Star Fruit Sorbet, Fresh Belimbing Wuluh Confit and Coriander Seed Caramel. The menus are the same as the dinner menus but with one less course. Wine is offered by the bottle or with wine pairings as at dinner.

Also as at dinner, a plate of local spices and ingredients used in the cooking is set out on the table for diners to explore. But on top of that, guests will also have the experience of a Chef’s Table affair with the chef cooking live for them, explaining every step of the dishes as he prepares them. This gives an experience that is interactive, fun, informative, and delicious.

Lunch at Mozaic will be offered on Thursdays through Sundays, with reservations from 12pm to 2pm.

Mozaic Workshop