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Make it unforgettable, book the ultimate, luxury getaway by private helicopter to MĀUA Nusa Penida

maua nusa penida

Introducing the resort’s latest luxury package, the Māua Nusa Penida Experience. BOOK NOW to enjoy the epitome of luxury at Māua Nusa Penida. This eco-luxury resort on the pristine island of Nusa Penida, Indonesia, offers unforgettable memories surrounded by the untouched splendours of Nusa Penida’s majestic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. This ultimate, luxury package is a two-night’s stay in one of the luxurious one-bedroom villas, with an exclusive private helicopter arrival!

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a beautifully arranged honeymoon setup, adorned with delicate rose petals, setting the stage for a romantic escape. Guests will wake up to an exquisite a la carte breakfast and will have the opportunity to savour intimate dinners set to tantalize their taste buds.

The resort prides itself on utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each dish is bursting with flavour and goodness. For enjoying delectable and nutritious lunches and dinners on the island, the resort’s expert chefs have meticulously crafted a range of local and international delicacies on the a la carte menus.

maua nusa penida

Guests may further relax by joining a rejuvenating pranayama yoga session and meditation, accompanied by a refreshing young coconut, offering a revitalizing experience, and they may further unwind with a soothing Balinese massage, renowned for its therapeutic properties and calming benefits.

“We are delighted to present this bespoke journey to our esteemed guests. Our dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled luxury and service, ensuring an unforgettable stay for every guest.” expressed Sebastien Menesguen, General Manager of Māua Nusa Penida

Māua Nusa Penida is committed to preserving the environment, embracing sustainable practices to minimize carbon footprint and protect the natural habitat. The resort boasts 25 exquisite villas creating an ideal setting for self-connection with beauty, romance, nature, and the authentic island lifestyle. By seamlessly blending modernist architecture with the island’s original limestone terraces and indigenous flora, our property showcases the captivating natural beauty of Nusa Penida through iconic landscaped terraces and gardens.

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