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Out Of The Box February 2022


Constellation Earrings and Elektra Earrings in Silver

Padmala Atelier

Newcomer Padmala Atelier is becoming everyone’s favorite; sharing the connection of nature and culture with a touch of humanity through architecturally inspired designs.

Padmala Atelier was created to challenge the conventional traditions of jewelry design while embracing craftsmanship culture. The name Padmala means “born from the lotus flower” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It envisions a transformation that calls for authenticity, connection and self-expression. Every piece is made as a symbol of maturity of becoming who we are by owning where we come from.

Designed by Ariana, Argentine born architect, and handcrafted in Bali by Joko and Darmo, every statement creation is ethically forged by order for each person.

As an expressionist, Ariana understands that there is always a piece that will speak strongly to you. If you are torn between designs, her honest impressions in private consultations will guide you.

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The Constellation Earrings – Large Silver / 3,360,000 IDR

Elektra Earrings – Medium Silver / 2,430,000 IDR

IG: @padmala.atelier




Veresa Resortwear

Crafted for the comfortable soul, bathed in elegance side of ready-to-wear. Built from memories of the tropical island of Bali, she wrapped up with the sunkissed glow everywhere she goes.

The outfit is an irresistible style that flaunts all the best parts of your body with class.
This kimono top inspired are perfect to give you enough sexiness. Also the asymmetrical waist cutting for the linen dress give you illusion of slimming and elongating your height.
When you walk into a room, eyes will follow.

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IG: @Veresa_resortwear