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Partnerships To Prosperity

Seven Stones Indonesia facilitates entry into the Indonesian market with an established network of prestigious contacts.

Seven Stones Indonesia is an Indonesian company registered in Bali in 2016, providing a comprehensive range of services developed for local and international businesses to successfully enter the Indonesian market and grow. This includes legal advice, visas and immigration support, company establishment, company representation, brand development and property acquisition as well as access to an established network of business contacts.

We have offices in Seminyak, Uluwatu, Canggu, Ubud, Jakarta, Norway and Finland and we like to think of ourselves as a bridge connecting partners with prosperity and in so doing, we drive positive change by delivering intelligent and value-driven services that focus on our partners becoming more efficient, effective and successful.


A recent report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) quotes Country Director for Indonesia, Jiro Tominaga as saying, “Indonesia’s economy is expected to grow by 5.0-percent in 2022 and 5.2-percent in 2023 as domestic demand continues to recover.” And since that report was published, ADB have upgraded Indonesia’s economic growth forecasts, projecting the economy would expand by 5.4-percent this year.


The timing for us at Seven Stones Indonesia is perfect! We’ve been thinking about the next steps on our epic journey for a while, which is why we’ve launched an investment company, with friends, contacts and colleagues in Indonesia, Australia, SEA, and the Nordic countries.

It’s worth remembering that we’re a partner of Norway Connect, supporting Norwegian business and investments in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, covering the areas of heavy industry, marine and fisheries, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), real estate, holistic tourism, the creative economy, green energy and Integrated Transport Systems (ITS); we’re partners with Budidjaja International Lawyers and Lawyerindo.com to offer a comprehensive range of international legal advice and support; and we’re developing SSI Estate to develop and/or rehabilitate sustainable real estate projects for commercial and private use in various wonderful locations.

In addition, we already have agreements and MoU’s in place with Sperton, one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies, to deliver cost effective and competence-focused solutions across a range of business sectors; with PT MAI for the export and import and development of Indonesian aquaculture products; with PT Sulsel Citra Indonesia to explore and develop marine, energy and minerals, agribusiness and tourism in South Sulawesi; with PINA Center for Creative Financing for a variety of strategic projects in several sectors including, tourism, solar energy, the environment, marine, fisheries and aquaculture; with Aker Biomarine Antarctic AS, the world’s leading supplier of krill; with Protectoria Venture AS to cooperate and develop digital identity businesses and services in Indonesia; with Minapoli to offer solutions to the development and marketing of Indonesia’s aquaculture industry; with OK OCE to assist micro, small and medium sized businesses (MSMEs) and the entrepreneurs that drive them; with PT Bintang Tirta Semesta to explore and develop business in Indonesia’s fisheries industry; with PT Pembangunan Sulteng to develop fisheries, farming and other agrobusinesses, energy, mining, property, trading, services, education and transportation in Central Sulawesi; with PT Lundin/ North Sea Boats and Norway Connect to cooperate and collaborate to build and produce high technology vessels for any kind of industry for Indonesian customers; and with Norway Connect and Asosiasi Pengusaha Pengolahan dan Pemasaran Produk Perikanan (AP5I) to cooperate with the processing and marketing of fishery products in Indonesia.


Our Seven Stones Indonesia investment company takes advantage of our contacts and extensive knowledge of markets and where they’re heading. We have a profound understanding of Indonesia and the amazing diversity the country has to offer, to set up and guarantee the best possible structures under full compliance with Indonesian rules and regulations.

Our team has in-depth experience and interestingly, most of our projections of where Indonesia was, and is now heading, have since materialized. And now under the guidance of President Jokowi things are happening faster and with more structure, transparency and opportunities than ever before.

We’re seeing this positive momentum driving investments, and when combined with a change in investor mentality, which is more focused on core business streams and activities, it results in the need to identify safe and sound investments through simple plug-and-play structures and enjoy the returns coming in. All of which will be totally transparent and the entire bookkeeping system will be on an online platform so any investor can see the status and performance all the time.


Our latest project is Kemetug Eco Village, located 400-metres above sea level in Kemetug, Gunung Salak, less than an hour’s drive inland from Tanah Lot in Tabanan. Guests will be able to stay in eco-friendly accommodations and learn more about Balinese culture through holistic health, spirituality, workshops and festivals as well as permaculture farms in a truly magical part of Bali, which is home to 11-holy springs, temples, an abundance of forests and waterfalls.

Designed by renowned local Balinese architect, Made Sulendra, the project will be in harmony and in line with the area and its history. Prefab houses are the most appropriate type of construction to build, in which the main building will use old recycled wood and other materials like stones sourced from the surrounding area itself. The houses will have modern interiors and by taking advantage of the beautiful location, all rooms will be exposed to the stunning views around them.

What makes this eco-resort different though is the way we’re structuring investments. We want local landowners and families to receive the lion’s share of the money generated from long-term leases and operations and leave 70-percent of the site as natural as possible. The idea is to have a long-term positive impact on the local community with as small a footprint as possible.

If we’ve triggered some ideas and you’d like more insights and details of how to be partners and invest in this exciting next phase of our journey, please get in touch with Terje H. Nilsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Seven Stones Indonesia via terje@sevenstonesindonesia.com

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