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Shop Ethically In Bali With Pre-Loved Clothes

Eco-friendly shoppers are attracted to pre-loved clothes in Bali at designer vintage boutiques – there’s nothing like the satisfaction of stumbling across an unexpected designer treasure. But what are the benefits? Karen Donald goes shopping at One Love and The Frog Market in Bali: looking for hidden gems.

Pre-Loved Clothes

Now is the time to buy second-hand designer items and vintage clothing. The desire to shop more ethically, and cut down on waste is particularly popular among younger consumers. Whether you’re a holidaymaker or an Instagram celebrity, rather than looking like everyone else, why not stand out from the crowd and develop your own unique style? The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, and consumers increasingly understand that extending the life of a garment has a positive impact. By wearing pre-loved clothes in Bali and vintage designer fashion you are supporting a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. It’s a fun, financially rewarding and exciting way to shop.

Cool Pre-Loved Clothes

OneLove Fashion Production, Canggu & Berawa

Having lived in Bali for many years, working in the fashion retail industry, husband and wife combo Gina and Simon saw a huge need for designers to be able to get quality production at prices they could afford, without the stress of production. With their motto “Be Kind To The Earth, Buy Vintage”, their vision was to open a designer outlet and be the first vintage clothing store in Bali. In 2007, Gina approached designers on the island to sell their over runs, samples, and excess stock. From there she introduced pre-loved clothes in Bali for expats and locals allowing them to sell second-hand clothing at OneLove.

Pre-Loved Clothes

What doesn’t sell, OneLove donates to different organisations in Bali or gives the remainder of the clothing to local villages. There are no negatives with vintage fashion, it’s good for the people, and the economy, and if you really want to express yourself, then vintage fashion is a great option street-wise too. By buying secondhand and vintage clothing it keeps the recycling system in place: every vintage garment purchased means one less new garment produced.

Pre-Loved Clothes

The incredibly unique little store is so well pitched, carrying designer clothing at discount prices with all the great brands. Their vintage is authentic and includes Guess, Nina Ricci, Prada, Karl Lagerfield and Giorgio Armarni. Sports brands include Fila, Adidas, Gucci, Champion, and Puma. The vintage sunglass range has Versace, Guess, Prada, and Rayban in store. With vintage swim Paulo, Gucci, Ellesee and Nina, just to mention a few. Plus an array of vintage bold prints. New stock of pre-loved clothes in Bali arrives regularly: so stop by often!

Second Hand Clothes in Bali

The Frog Market, Tabanan

Located near the foot of Mount Batukaru, Tabanan, The Frog Market – otherwise known as Pasar Kodok to locals – is about an hour’s drive from Seminyak, and a shoppers paradise for good second-hand vintage clothing.

Pre-Loved Clothes

At the Frog Market you will find all sorts of garments dating back to the ’60s from across the world; their treasures are imported from a myriad of second-hand overseas dealers. Presenting vintage tee shirts, silk dresses of all varieties, pre-worn jeans, leather shoes and much more, this impressive market sells an assortment of retro boots, lacy lingerie and sheep skin jackets. It’s not uncommon to find the occasional luxury branded vintage fashion item, and if you visit these markets on a regular basis you will build and strengthen your knowledge of second-hand vintage clothing, and become a true expert with a keen eye able to spot the most interesting garments.

Retro Style

If you are an avid enthusiast or fashion designer, drop in and hunt down second-hand belts, skirts, dresses, singlets and a variety of designer labels: with most items ranging from US$2-20. It takes a keen eye and some determination to stalk the isles of clothing under rain-carved gutters, but a day at The Frog Market can be a fruitful one. It mostly stocks European brands: Levis, Bebe, Ralph Lauren, Stussy, Hang Ten, Adidas, Stussy, Benetton, H&M and Gap, with retro shirts, oversized singlets, comfy jumpers, retro swimsuits, tons of shirts and blouses, leather jackets, bags and shoes.

Pre-Loved Clothes

Open daily from 9am-3pm you can literally get lost amongst the treasures at The Frog Market. Be careful to check for authentic labels, and thoroughly feel the materials before purchasing an item. If you’re a first-time buyer at a vintage market, just remember one thing: when shopping for pre-loved clothes in Bali, always go for the classics. K.D.

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