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R3hab All The Way

Yak Online meets globe-trotting Dutch DJ, remixer and producer, R3HAB after he hit the decks at SkyGarden.

Welcome to Bali Fadil … just a few questions for your fans out there…

Thank You, thank you always great to be back in Bali.

Who or what inspired the name R3HAB?

Hi everyone, actually R3hab used to be my gaming name, when I used to play Starcraft when I was younger with my friends, I decided to change the E to a 3 because everything else was taken.

#18 in the world (DJ Mag 2017). How hard is it to climb or fall in the global DJ rankings?

You know it’s all about keeping the fans happy and constantly putting out great content. Without my fans I wouldn’t be here so I truly thank everyone one of them.

Where do you look to for inspiration?

From life and traveling and performing for my fans all around the world.

Do you have a “ritual” when producing your tracks?

Start with the melody and chords.

Your debut album, Trouble. Did the release change your musical journey?


Your YouTube channel is just shy of one million subscribers … comments please.

Almost one million, you know I’ve worked very hard to get this far and I’m super excited to see what the future has planned.

Is there any one thing that makes you want to remix a track? Any riffs playing in the back of your head? 

I really have to love the song. For example my One Kiss remix, when Calvin asked me to remix the song I was excited to get started. I knew it was going to be one of the biggest songs of the year the first time Calvin played it for me.

What venues have you yet to play?

I would love to play Lollapalooza.

Who are you collaborating with in the next six months?

I have a great record coming out with Sofia Carson.

Tell us about some non-musical turning points in your life.

Traveling the world and being able to experience new cultures.

Fashion, how important is it? Tell us more about the brands you wear.

You know, fashion is almost like music, there are so many different types and I feel like it allows people to express themselves. There isn’t a particular brand I wear. If I like something I’ll wear it.

How hard is it to switch off and get enough rest between gigs? Do you have a secret island or hideaway?

I’m staying in Bali for a couple days – I look at this as my hideaway.

What do you wear on your feet?

Whatever is comfortable. Right now I really like the Off White Collabs along with the brand new Yeezys.

Lastly, your life quote is:

If you work hard enough you can achieve anything you want.

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