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Sarah-Jane: Reading. Energy. Healing

Try a spiritual healing session with Sarah-Jane

Sarah-Jane is a long term Bali resident, belonging to the island of intense vibration of mystery and charm. She offers tarot-reading sessions where she can explore your life, relationships, future, and choices using her guided intuition by channeling the universe. She is an empowerment channeler, offering resolve and clarity, and messages are delivered clearly and concisely with sensitivity to who you are.

She also offers energy work – healing you of any physical afflictions as well as working on the core reason of your affliction. She is guided to suggest remedies for your balance. You may enjoy lifting limiting beliefs through energy work; do you want to lose weight, stop a lifestyle habit, release yourself from a past trauma, which consistently blocks you, or have a hypnotherapy session?

In short, Sarah-Jane has a whole range of spiritual expertise, through her intuitive gifts, as well as practically holding Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Life/Breakthrough Coaching, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique and Theta Healer in three areas of certification.

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