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Surf & Turf With Harry Mark

He shoots . . . he scores. Meet the marvelous Harry Mark, the latest lensman to come out of the surf.

So Harry. No need to tell you as I am sure you already know – but here goes: your work is awesome.

Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words.

So what’s your back story? Where are you from and how did you grow up?

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Noosa Heads, Australia. A beautiful part of the world with a strong surf culture, which meant growing up in and around the ocean. I’m pretty lucky to base myself in another tropical paradise now – Bali, Indonesia.

Which came first, the surfboard or the camera?

The surfboard, of course. It was my first love of surfing that made me branch out into photography.

Who have you worked for?

I’ve had the privilege to work for some incredible companies all around the globe in places like Australia, Indonesia, Japan and United States. Although it hardly feels like work. I am very fortunate in where my “job“ takes me.

What are the chances for other surf photographers out there? It must be competitive…

Yeah sure the surf photography game is super competitive, but I’d never label myself as one. My work tends to span a much broader range including travel and portraiture. Oh, and I love to shoot motorcycles!

A few of the big print titles have gone down in the last couple of years, so I guess most of your work is online these days?

Predominately yes. I suppose everyone’s is these days. However I’d much rather have a print article run than online. For me print is a much greater medium – there really is nothing like holding a photo in your hands. A lot of my work still ends up in print whether it be company books, framed prints or advertisements. I must admit it is especially cool to see you work printed billboard size – definitely beats an iPhone screen, any day of the week!

Does the online environment suit you?

Absolutely. Although I don’t pursue it as hard as I should, my online presence has helped me land numerous jobs.

What’s the scariest thing you have seen while you’re sitting in the water with your camera?

Sharks. A few years ago there was an attack on a body boarder out at North Wall Ballina, NSW, and I was stupid enough to swim out a couple days later at the same spot in some really nice waves. I had a shark come real close and circle me, and it was fair to say I’ve never swam to shore so quick!

When you hit a destination, what’s first for you? Have a surf or get the camera whirring?

Depends if it’s an assignment or personal trip. If I’m on assignment, as soon as the plane wheels touch the ground it’s straight to work, camera at the hip. Personal trips … surfing takes priority straight away.

Where’s next on your photo roadshow?

I’ve got a few trips lined up – United States, Japan, Java, Australia and Europe too. I like to keep my options open though, traveling is something I love.

Harry, thanks so much for your time and for sharing your work with us.

My pleasure guys, thanks!