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The Yak’s Favorite Charities: How You Can Make A Difference

1. Harapan Project – Sumbawa Indonesia

 Harapan Project is an NGO that has been working since 2010 on the island of Sumbawa, helping the local community of the district of Hu´u to improve the education and health care of the children (more than 3.000 children).

Harapan Project is now focused on helping the local community, the Hospital of the city of Dompu and all the Health Centers of the district of Hu´u.
Donate here:
Bank Account in Indonesia: 
Bank: BRI
Account holder : Yayasan Harapan Project
Account No. : 0534-01-000489-30-2
Address to send material: Balumba, Jln. Lintas lakey, dusun Ncangga, kec. Hu’u, Kab. Dompu. 84271, NTB Indonesia


2. Scholars Of Sustenance

Scholars of Sustenance remains focused on providing nutrition to orphanages, charitable organisations and other communities in need.

“While we all are experiencing extreme hardships and adjusting to current situations we ask that we take a moment to think about those less fortunate then us. We as the ‘fortunate ones’ still have access to life’s basic necessities while this epidemic plays out.”

FB : Sholars of Sustenance

IG : sos.indonesia1

Website : www.scholarsofsustenance.org

Bank Account : BRI Account Name : YAYASAN DERMA ATAS PANGAN Account No. : 2134-0100-0201-560


3. Solemen

Before the Coronavirus pandemic Solemen Indonesia’s Outreach Programmes were supported by donations from private corporations, small businesses and social organisations in Bali and Australia.  Since the pandemic funding has nosedived 75%.

FB : Solemen Indonesia

IG : solemen.indonesia

Website : www.solemen.org

Donate now!

Direct Bank Account 1 : Solemen Indonesia Bank Account
Bank Name : Permata Bank
Account Name: Yayasan Solemen Indonesia
Account No: 70-2065-666
Swift Code: BBBAIDJA

Direct Bank Account 1 : Solemen UK Bank Account
Bank Name : Permata Bank
Account Name: Yayasan Solemen Indonesia
Account No: 70-2065-666
Swift Code: BBBAIDJA

Branch: Legian

Address: Jl. Patih Jelantik, Pertokoan Sriwijaya Blok Ii, Legian Kelod, Kuta Badung, Bali, Indonesia, 80361



4. Yayasan Kita Peduli Indonesia Lestari

Set up in 2002 in the wake of the first Bali bombing, Yayasan Kita Peduli Indonesia Lestari is a network of Bali-based medical organisations, Red Cross Indonesia and charity workers providing first-hand distribution and help to those in need during disasters or emergencies. Also known as the Sustainable Foundation of We Care Indonesia.

FB : Kita Peduli Indonesia

IG : @kitapeduliindonesia

website : kitapeduliindonesia.or.id

Support now!

Bank Account : Mandiri
Account Name: Yusnah Komala Ningsih
Account no: 145-00-0460040-5

Bank Account : BCA (Bank Central Asia)
Account Name: Lusia Tjiptadi
Account no: 1460005511
Swift Code: CENAIDJA