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Tradition meets Modernity at Zai Café in Vibrant Canggu

zai cafe

Nestled in the pulsing heart of Batu Bolong, Canggu, Zai Cafe offers a chic escape into a world where Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours ‘meld’. Modern design meets timeless tradition at Canggu’s new venue, making it a food magnet lovers of these flavours.

The group of visionaries that make up the culinary team crafts each and every dish as an art piece, blending spices and flavours, and capturing the essence of day turning into night – all uniquely Zai.

Sustainability? It’s not just a buzzword for the team. They champion local farmers, bringing fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and especially cheeses, each with their own tales of the Balinese soil and influence to their tables. They are global too. Selected spices from around the world elevate their dishes, ensuring an exquisite bite every time.

zai cafe

Must-tries? The Greek salad. But not as you know it. Enhanced with their house-crafted fresh sheep’s cheese, it’s a customizable delight. Next? The veal cheeks – marinated in beer for 12 hours, a true taste revelation. And please don’t get them started on their truffle-infused tuna tartare tagliatelle.

And now you can also greet the day with Zai’s fresh breakfast menu. Envision a medley of Mediterranean zest with Middle Eastern richness. Start your mornings the Zai way – a breakfast so delectable it’s bound to not only grace your IG feed as one of the most delicious experiences you’ve had in Bali, the flavours will garner a special place in your memory taste bank!

And, if you’re looking to indulge in an atmosphere as captivating as the dishes, Zai Cafe on Batu Bolong is where it’s at.

zai cafe

IG: @zai_cafe
Bookings and reservations: https://letsumai.com/widget/zai-cafe