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Tricia Kim

I have been a lover of art and design from an early age. This led me to art schools in the USA and Paris. I came to Bali in 1997 to work for John Hardy as head of design. I traveled around S.E. Asia for a year and created jewelry in Kathmandu and Jaipur. Still, Bali had it’s hold on me and I returned to begin my brand Nagicia (Naga = dragon), in 2001. This island is renowned for its artisans, and this holds me here to this day. There is an endless source of talented artisans (some I’ve been working with for 25 years) and pioneers doing the good deed.

My altruist track began as a charter member of Rotary Canggu. We worked in the fields of education, clean water, waste management and sustainability. These things hold me accountable to how I can do my part.

I speak to everyone about waste management and composting in the home. As individuals, we need to live the talk. I’m more conscious now about my supply chain, where and how are gemstones and metals mined. I’ve begun to work with moissanite diamonds which are lab grown. I’m proud to keep alive ancient traditions of handmade silver and gold-smithing.

As a company, we try to do our best to leave the world a better place, as daunting as it is. There are so many organisations that do amazing work in this respect in Bali, here are a few: For clean easy ceramic filtered water: @Terrawaterindonesia For educating the youth who are our future: @youthtopia.world and @byebyeplasticbags. Physically cleaning the waterways @sungaiwatch @rolefoundation
Education and job placement: @baliwise and @stellaschild.

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