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It’s Sexy to Go Solar

Smart Energy

It’s green, it’s cool, and more affordable than you think.

Bali, Lombok, and the islands east from these two beautiful places are blessed with some of the highest solar radiation in the world. Why not take advantage of this wonderful potential to generate your own free and green electricity?

Moreover, solar panels are now more affordable than ever, making it not only great for the environment but also from a financial standpoint for homeowners and business owners alike.

The ROI in Bali can now reach more than 800%. What’s more, most buildings get to shave 50-80% off their monthly electricity bill.

You get to reduce your CO2 emissions and save money every month. How awesome is that?

Smart Energy

Smart Energy Technology can help you start your solar journey in the safest and most efficient manner.

Based in Bali, Smart Energy Technology is an Indonesian company with German management, offering the finest German-quality solar panels with competitive prices.

Their panels come with an above-industry-standard 30-year performance guarantee and 12-year product warranty.

Smart Energy

Wherever you are in Indonesia, Smart Energy’s experienced team will help you start your solar journey from A to Z, from designing the best system to fit your needs to delivering a safe and efficient solar system at your place.

Perhaps you seek for a more aesthetically-pleasing solar array? They’ve got you covered with their premium all-black solar panel.

Or maybe you want to go even further and integrate your solar array seamlessly into your building as a roof? That’s possible too!

Smart Energy

More than just your usual solar installation company. 

Using a solar system is just one of the many ways to reach sustainability and energy efficiency.

Smart Energy takes pride in offering not just solar, but also a wide range of solutions—from lithium battery systems, to efficient cooling and hot water systems, to air purification and dehumidification systems—all tied together with their customized smart control systems.

Wherever you are in Indonesia, Smart Energy can help make your building greener, smarter, and cleaner.

Reach out to them to start your journey to sustainability and energy efficiency.


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