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Starfish Bloo’s New Menu: Chasing Zero Waste Food and Cocktails…

w bali seminyak starfish bloo

Bali’s Starfish Bloo, at W Bali Seminyak, has just launched a new menu, with a focus on zero waste in both the food and cocktail department. This is cooperation at its finest. Director of Culinary – Noberto Palacios and his team have crafted a selection of dishes that use locally sourced ingredients with a focus on minimizing waste, just as the bar team, led by Made Villa, their Liquid Manager, look to share the same ingredients and craft some very fine cocktails. Between both, they create a fantastic and delicious, zero-waste F & B partnership!

w bali seminyak starfish bloo

One such dish is the Beetroot Tortellini filled with button mushrooms, capsicum coulis, and herb oils, and is accompanied by a beetroot-based cocktail. All parts of the beetroot are used.

The new menu also features the Soft-shell Crab served with sweet corn sauce, Parmesan chips, grilled corn, and chili oil. The dish uses every part of the corn, from the kernels to the cob, once again ensuring zero waste. Blanching, pickling and drying are three methods that help to reduce waste in the kitchen and behind the bar!

w bali seminyak starfish bloo

The oysters are served with pickled bilimbi, tamarillo, sago, and ginger, while the Daikon is served with cider vinegar, beetroot, and green peas. The Hummus dish features chickpeas, pomegranate, and snow peas, and the Okaki asparagus has asparagus, kakinotane crackers, and lemon.

w bali seminyak starfish bloo

The mains are equally impressive, with each dish featuring an element of zero waste. The Grilled Barramundi is served with cherry tomato, basil, salsa verde, and chili jam, and the Seared Local Tuna Steak is served with mustard aioli, wasabi avocado purée, tamarillo sauce, and crispy kale. The Live Lobster & Hokkien Noodles dish features lobster curry soup, coriander, and ginger flower, while the Steamed Sword Fish is served with black local squid ink rice, dashi, and goji berry broth, and bonito flakes. The Quinoa Risotto comes with parmesan foam, local basil, and mushrooms, and the Grilled Poqnyaku is served with Poqnyaku, lontong, and cassava leaf.

w bali seminyak starfish bloo

But it’s not just the food that is zero waste as we mentioned above, the cocktails are also crafted with sustainability in mind. The Zero Waste Pumpkin cocktail uses every part of the pumpkin, from the skin to the seeds, and is served with a dish of roasted pumpkin, skin dust, purée, and crispy seeds. The Cerancam cocktail accompanies the next dish on the menu, which features white fish, cucumber, tomato, and Balinese broth, while the Balinese Live Lobster Salad is made with fresh cherry tomato, tomato jelly, pomelo, and olive oil dressing.

Starfish Bloo’s commitment to zero waste is not just a trend, but a philosophy that is at the core of their menu. By using locally sourced ingredients and minimizing waste, the restaurant is not only providing diners with delicious and sustainable food, but is also helping to reduce the impact of food waste on the environment. It is definitely a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future – and a delicious one at that!

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